Fridley Red Carpet Rewards

The Fridley Red Carpet Rewards is a free rewards card for our most loyal patrons. More information coming soon!

Here are the details:

-Receive $5 in Fridley Dollars every year on your birthday

100 Points
-Receive $5 in Fridley Dollars for every 100 points you reach

-1 point for every $1 spent on concession, food, and beverage

-1 point for every $2 spent at the box office

-Redeem your Fridley Dollars for movie tickets or food and beverage purchase

The Tiers
Tiers reset the beginning of the calendar year, so now is the perfect time to join!

VIP (0-749 points)
-Join and automatically become a VIP! There is no initial or annual feel

-Receive a FREE 130 oz. Popcorn! (Must register and activate your card before this reward)

Golden Globe (750-1499 points)
-Receive 5% off concessions, food, and beverage purchases until Oscar status is achieved or until year end.

-Receive a FREE #4 Pepsi combo! (85 oz. Popcorn + 44 oz. Drink)

Oscar (1500 + points)
-Receive 10% off concessions, food, and beverage purchase until the end of the year

-Receive a FREE #1 Pepsi combo (170 oz. Popcorn + two 44 oz. Drinks)