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Pride Month at the Fleur Cinema & Café

Happy Pride Month from the Fleur Cinema and Cafe!


The Fleur’s goal has always been to give a home to art and cinema that is interesting, challenging, and inclusive.  The Fleur has always been, and will always be, a Cinema that is welcoming and safe for everyone.  We pride ourselves on a year-round schedule of queer films and events, but inclusion goes beyond what we show on the screen.  It means that we have a staff that mirrors the community we serve, and offers amenities to support everyone who may join us.  And while we’d like to think The Fleur has succeeded in this goal, there is always room for growth and we always welcome feedback to help us improve.  


Of course, a Cinema is only as good as its movies. In 2024 we have offered the best in independent queer cinema, including I Saw the TV Glow (which you should absolutely check out if you haven’t gotten the chance yet).  And we have many more to come, including Luke Gilford’s National Anthem and David Lowery’s Mother Mary.  In fact, we have over a dozen more films by queer filmmakers planned for the rest of the year.


And while Pride is our year round commitment, we still have a lot of fun things planned for this month!  Things start this Wednesday with a special presentation of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar that we are so excited to have accompanying a drag performance by the incredible Domita Sanchez!  Get there early for the best seats!  


The following week, we will be showing the short film collection Queer Futures, featuring four short films. How to Carry Water about Shoog McDaniel, a fat, queer, disabled photographer who has worked to transform the way fat people view themselves through the beauty and liberation of their photography in Florida’s freshwater springs.  The Script explores the sometimes troubled relationship between the trans community and medical providers through a series of dramatized recreations and personal interviews.  Directed by Brit Fryer and Noah Schamus, the film offers a vision for how physicians and trans patients can meet each other on equal footing.  MnM is a short film by Twiggy Pucci GarÇon, following Mermaid and Milan, two chosen sisters who are emerging divas in the drag ballroom community- a joyful celebration of nonbinary pride and self expression.  And finally is The Callers, which visits England’s oldest LGBTQ+ phone line through creative scenes and intimate testimony.  Callers are allowed to imagine the life they dream of, with loving volunteers who help them overcome fear and offer guidance.


At the end of Queer Futures’ three-day run we open Break the Game, an incredibly intimate documentary about trans gamer and speedrunner Narcissa Wright.  The documentary follows Narcissa’s path to setting a new world speed record for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild while also living life online after coming out and finding her place in online gaming culture.  We are excited to offer a live Twitch speedrun and Q&A with the director after the first showing on Friday, June 14th.


Then, on June 22nd we are excited to present a classic campy night out with our double feature of The Craft and The Covenant- two incredibly fun, queer supernatural thrillers.  We have partnered with Your Local Vamp Studios to create a memorable experience that celebrates queer camp.

And we can’t end Pride Month without one of the best queer comedies of all time! Thanks to a sponsorship from Archive Iowa, we are able to offer But I’m a Cheerleader for free on June 26th.  Tickets are first-come-first-serve, and we hope to pack the house for a celebration of LGBTIA+ pride with some big surprises we are currently working on.


We can’t wait to see you soon at the Fleur Cinema and Cafe!

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