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Hotel Mumbai


Leaving Thursday, April 18

Monday 4/15 - Thursday 4/18
  • 7:00p

Movie Info

  • 75%
    Critic score: Percentage of critics as compiled by rottentomatoes.com who have given this movie a positive review.
  • 84%
    Audience score: Percentage of Rotten Tomatoes users who have rated this movie 3.5 stars or higher.
Rated: R (for disturbing violence throughout, bloody images, and language)
Runtime: 2 hr 3 mins
Cast: Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi
Genre: Drama & Mystery & Suspense


The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families.