Red Carpet Gala on March 10

Join us Sunday, March 10 to celebrate cinema's biggest night!

Proceeds go to the Greenlight Grants. Tickets are on sale now.

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Fleur Film Festival

A Bi-Annual Cinematic Celebration of Iowa Independent Filmmakers

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Rated: NR
Runtime: 3 hr


Step into the heart of Iowa's thriving independent film scene at the Fleur Film Festival, a bi-annual cinematic celebration hosted at the iconic Fleur Cinema and Cafe. Located in Des Moines, this festival serves as a gathering point for talented filmmakers from across the state of Iowa, offering a platform to showcase their unique and compelling stories.  Join us for a cinematic journey that celebrates the extraordinary talent within our own backyard.

  • Blue Days by Theo Whitehead
  • Room Tone by Alyson O'Hara
  • Bonicel by Nick Ford
  • Mix Tape by John Hansen
  • Forestman Demo by Ethan Edvenson
  • BLZ International by Blaire Alex Angel and Jordan Clemens
  • Genesis by Dillon Jacobson
  • Pilgrim in the Basement by Wesley Rebarcak
  • Lady Revel - Jeanette (Official Music Video) by Wesley Rebarcak
  • Crarylake Boats and Floats by Spencer Thielmann and Emily Berge
  • Jamiroquai Has No Friends by Kazek Israni-Winger
  • Bro Moon by Serena Fath
  • Wilt by Wes Worthing