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Aug 5, 6 &7






Once again the 48 Hour Film Project has hit Des Moines!
Filmmakers from all over the Des Moines area have competed to make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

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Group A
Screening on Tuesday, August 5 @ 7:00pm
Screening on Tuesday, August 5 @ 9:30pm

20 to the 4th power plus Y - Covert Attraction - Romance
Whats your game business or pleasure?

5 FURIOUS FLYING FERRETS - Dex Manly: Case of the missing Corps - Film Noir
A corpse is missing from a crime scene, can Dex locate it or will it be another unsolved crime.

85 Media - The Gift - Thriller/Suspense
With the threat of a deadly virus on hand; a married couple try and celebrate the husbands birthday.

A Shattered Visage - An Open House - Comedy
Alex Simpson is having his first ever open house. What could possibly go wrong?

Baseball Team - Homehunters: Escape Edition - Chase/Escape Film
Paranoid house shoppers meet the city's top real estate agent

I Am Jack's Inconsequential Team Name - Red Gold - Drama
Empathetic survivor bands together with stranger to survive

Micah Media Productions - Comforts of Home - Family Film
Mother and son struggle to reconnect after father dies

Team Last To Enter - Time Travel and You - Spoof/Parody
The dos and don'ts of time travel...but mostly don'ts.

TurkishDane Pictures - Estate Of Mind - Dark Comedy
A real estate agent attempts to kill the tenant of a house so she can sell it.

Whatever Works - Dimensional Shift - Sci Fi
A pilot's first flight turns into a quest to reach home.

Group B
Screening on Tuesday, August 5 @ 7:15pm
Screening on Tuesday, August 5 @ 9:45pm

Bewildered Productions - The Big Strike    Film Noir
Gangster dame, Lena, seeks to gain her independence by any means necessary.

Blacklight Entertainment - Snapshot - Chase/Escape Film
The chased becomes the chaser as Eric risks everything to learn who is secretly photographing him.

Brorittos - Delinquent - Film de Femme
Amanda attempts to cut loose with the very crowd she's worried about her younger sister getting into

Husky Stache Productions - Joiner Ginsberg Plath - Spoof/Parody
A junior advertising executive struggles with authoritarian corporate culture

O Town Opus - Muddy Water - Thriller/Suspense
Power can shift in a heartbeat, when the danger is beneath the surface.

Phreaks And Geeks - The Listing - Comedy
divorcing couple unearths common ground with the help of their realtor

Shrieking Tree - Fish Out of Water
Slater Maxwell Productions - Death Has A Shadow - Horror
Nightmares really do come true.

Stengforce - Ditch Brothers - Drama
Two estranged brothers wreck their car and are forced to wait for help together.

Group C
Screening on Wednesday, August 6 @ 7:00pm
Screening on Wednesday, August 6 @ 9:30pm

Beards Comedy Troupe - The Good, The Bad, and The Roommate OR: A Fistful of Loofahs - Musical or Western
Two hard headed roommates find themselves in a duel for apartment supremacy.

Burrito Tuxedo - Divided - Romance
A couple starts drifting apart over time.

Echo Three Productions - Size Matters - Silent Film
A frustrated couple, seeking to expand their horizons on the Internet, finds size matters.

Fun & Games Productions - Soul'd - Horror
Alex Simpson is granted eternal youth and immortality in exchange for committing acts of treachery.

Phase 2 Studio - Roommate - Drama
A shirtless man goes through the  5 stages of grief.

Playa Peligrosa - Midnight Catastrophe - Animal Film
When a woman fears her deceased father's estate is danger, she seeks the help of a seasoned P.I.

Progressive Collective - Light at the End - Film Noir
An investigator finds herself caught up in a money laundering operation that keeps going deeper

SmokeMonster Productions - Sprinter - Time Travel Movie
A backpack through time....

Team - Method - Film de Femme
An exploration into one woman's passion to improve her craft of acting.

Zebra Tassle Cats - Breaking, Entering - Fish Out of Water
The ownership of an empty house becomes obscure when two strangers meet with questionable histories

Group D
Screening on Wednesday, August 6 @ 7:15pm
Screening on Wednesday, August 6 @ 9:45pm

Gate 13 & Company - Open House - Comedy
two real estate agents compete to sell a house under sexual tension

One Genome Short Productions - Commit - Thriller/Suspense
Alex Simpson helps friends record their engagement on a camping trip that will be unforgettable.

Parhelion Studios - In Three Weeks: The Making of AirPal XXVI - Animal Film
A documentary crew follows a ragtag group of filmmakers producing the next great CGI animal film.

Poplar Production - A Knee to the Heart - Romance
Shy guy stands tall, falls in love.

South Lemon Studios - Paradox - Time Travel Movie
When a detective is called to the scene of his own death, he must accept his fate to find the truth.

Tasting Zoo - Out From Town - Silent Film
Where are from you?

Tiny Explosions - Two Men and a Backpack - Sci Fi
A disturbed man loses a sandwich and follows into another dimension.

Triforce - Distortion - Chase/Escape Film
A man, stuck in-between two worlds of being a soldier and being a civilian discovers which is real.

Virtual Waters Productions - Magical Activity - Spoof/Parody
Magician returns to seek revenge on the one who ridiculed him in the past

Group E
Screening on Thursday, August 7 @ 7:00pm
Screening on Thursday, August 7 @ 9:30pm

Admiral Wolverine Lighting Bolts - fistful of fries - Time Travel Movie
fast food contraband from another time

Bold Film Productions - Stonewalled - Thriller/Suspense
A hard gasp for air, a confused looking gentleman, named Jim tries to recall past events.

Des Moines Young Artists' Theatre - Our Stuff - Drama
Joel has lost a lot in his struggle with Alzheimer's, but the loss of his wife is too much to bear.

Gladhouse Studio - Final Homestead - Musical or Western
Two old cowboys take life's final journey

Owl Mode - Chat Noir - Film Noir
A surprise witness to a surprise murder.

SouthSiderStudios - The Walk - Road Movie
A walk of shame is more shameful after a traumatic one night stand.

Team #2K14 - Closing Costs - Film de Femme
A realtor arrives to sell a house and has an encounter she never expected.

Two Creek Productions - Sycamore Trail - Horror
Two joggers meet along a trail. Only one makes it out alive.

white poison industries - Dig Deeper - Dark Comedy
A eulogist for those who die with no one is inspired to dig deeper and get to know the deceased.